Friday, 26 December 2014

The 10 marks of militant secularism

This is quite a good wee fun test...

1. All religion is relative, Westboro Baptists and Al-Qaeda are equal to the CofE or your local Parish Vicar: Do you think Satanists and Pagans should get there own Schools as long as Catholics are allowed them? Do you see ISIS committing a crime on the news and immediately find yourself attacking the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope for being "In a way, just as bad, if you think about it?"

2.  We know what's best for everyone else's kids, even more than parents: Do you think that parents teaching their own kids, their own faith is a form of oppression against children?

3. Legalism, legalism, legalism and all power to The State: The ONLY way to ever change society is through legislation, never through example or persuasion because you can't make people who disagree with you do what you want by any other means. Does the idea of groups of different faith and secular communities living differently alongside each other in one society appeal to you?

4. We speak for others and are always offended on others behalf: Do you think Christians celebrating Easter and Christmas is offensive to Muslims and Jews despite the fact that neither Muslims and Jews are ever offended by these holidays? Are you outraged on behalf of Gay Christians without ever bothering to speak to any individual Gay Christians and understand the complexities of their relationship with the Church?

5. We can't be Militant Secularists, we don't carry guns or advocate terrorism or violence: Do you have an understanding of the idea that fascism doesn't start with terror, that's where it ends? It begins in the coffee houses and dining rooms of the chattering classes. Do you have no concerns that the Government now creates and funds pressure groups to campaign for legislation it would like to implement? See numbers 2. and 3. above

6. Anti-Catholicism is an acceptable prejudice, but we're nothing like those nasty Orangemen: Catholics are the worst, sound familiar? Do you think anti-Catholicism is ok provided it's coming from Middle Class liberals?

7. Christians are all UKIP voting bigots: When you meet someone, do you judge them depending on what faith they hold, based on your own prejudice? Do you ever see someone on the news doing something bad then endeavour to establish what religion they are and then point it out to everyone you meet, even when faith is not a factor in the actual crime, misdemeanour or offense?

8. I refuse to accept that the Country's entire culture and history is rooted in Christianity: Are you offended when someone says "God bless", or "you are in my prayers", and if you could, you'd ban such expressions?

9. I've read bad things in the Bible that are bad, therefore Christians are bad: Do you often attribute beliefs to people that they don't hold? Do you ever quote Scripture at Christians without checking the context or to see if their denomination is entirely biblical based? Do you fancy yourself as a bit of an expert in theology, science, genetics and pretty much any topic you care to speak about?

10. There can't be a God, because bad things happen: Do you talk about religion ALL the time, is your life just one big negative affirmation, deep down, do you actually believe in God but are angry with him over something from your younger years?

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