Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Out of the strong came forth sweetness

It’s a well known fact that Quaker families like the Rowantree, Cadbury and Fry families all got into the chocolate and confectionary business as means to try and keep the masses away from alcohol. I’ve always had a lot of respect for the temperance movement despite the fact that I love beer and consider it to be an intrinsic part of my heritage and culture. Similarly, Abram Lyle, the Greenock born Sugar refinery owner, was also a devout Christian and very a strict teetotaler, like the Quakers, Lyle also seen sugar as a means to keep people away from Alcohol. Abram Lyle once said that he would 'rather see a son of his carried home dead than drunk.  (See previous blog posts on Tate and Lyle and Greenock)
I was therefore quite surprise (and even a wee bit sad) to read in the papers this morning that one of Abram Lyle’s heirs and descendants, a Joshua Lyle, was found in his car by the Polis near Blairgowrie at the weekend, he was three times the legal limit to drive. Joshuha Lyle is the son of Sir Gavin Lyle, 3rd Baronet, of Glendelvine House; apparently he has already been done for drink-driving a couple of years ago. Hopefully this lad will overcome all his problems and perhaps even look back to his forefathers for some inspiration…” "Out of the strong came forth sweetness".

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