Monday, 5 December 2011

More trouble in Flanders

According to Rorate Caeli blog St Catherine's church in Brussels is soon to be turned into a fruit and vegetable market. Apparently, it serves too few of the faithful, St. Catherine’s Church is in the heart of the Belgian capital.

And it also sounds like a second reformation is happening in Flanders according to a report from the National Catholic Distorter...

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM -- The week before the start of Advent, four Flemish priests issued a church reform manifesto that called for allowing the appointment of laypeople as parish pastors, liturgical leaders and preachers, and for the ordination of married men and women as priests.

This is all very sad, I love both the Netherlands and Belgium very much, especially Flanders. What we have here is the classic Liberal-Traditionalist culture war on top of the terrible scandals which have caused so much hurt in the region. Perhaps cheer yourself up and think on happier times with the above painting by Pieter Bruegel or have a read at this excellent blog...

And also this very good Facebook Page devoted to good King Baudouin...

Pray for the good people of Flanders and all our brothers and sisters in the Low Countries

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