Monday, 7 November 2011

Quisling Churches...The Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association and the (so-called) Old Catholic Church

We all know "Quisling" to be a term used to refer to puppet governments and collaborators. We might currently describe the dreadful Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association as a Quisling Church. This is a fake pseudo-church created by the Communist Chinese Government to undermine the Roman Catholic Church in China. They ordain their own Bishops and persecute the true Church in the same way the Chinese Government cynically creates and back Chinese rivals to the Dalai Lama in Tibet.
However, we may not ever think to describe any of the many western Liberal Churches like the "Old Catholic Church" as Quisling Churches. Today the Old Catholics are the fun, cuddly liberal option standing against the evil dogmatic Vatican. Yet despite the name, the Old Catholic Church was forged within a climate of growing nationalism and hostility to the Pope in the Netherlands and in Germany.

For example, according to wikipedia..."The Old Catholic Church in Germany received some support from the new German Empire of Otto von Bismarck, whose policy was increasingly hostile towards the Catholic Church in the 1870s and 1880s. In Austrian territories, pan-Germanic nationalist groups, like those of Georg Ritter von Schönerer, promoted the conversion to Old Catholicism or Lutheranism of those Catholics loyal to the Holy See". Hardly liberalism?

Some might say that this is ancient history and nearly all Churches have had moments of shame caused by getting too involved with the state at various points in history. This is true but what is not ancient history is the fact that Churches like the Old Catholic Church now share the same liberal, modernist, relativistic agenda as the nation states of the west. Therefore, both groups seek to impose a form of liberalism upon the other authentic faith communities who still hold to traditional christian values.

In this sense, they are as every bit as statist and anti-Pope as the all the other State-sponsored Lutherans and Anglicans(with whom the Old Catholics are in communion with) Yet, depsite their petty nationalism, don't expect to hear any voice from within these Churches speaking out against the growing Turkish and Chinese influence in Europe.

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