Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Remember the German Priests in Scotland

This Friday marks the feast of our Patron Saint Ninian and the first anniversary of Pope Benedict's visit to Scotland. On this day it's worth taking the time to reflect on the often overlooked contribution of German priests in Scotland. Many of these priests came here escaping the Kulturkampf persecution and it's also worth remembering that in ancient times the faith was originally brought to Germany by Scottish missionaries. Especially the Schottenkirche in Regensburg where Pope Benedict himself comes from. Below are just a few of the German Priests and some others from that period who appear to be Flemish or from the South Netherlands who served us here in Scotland...

Father Ludger Kuhler - In 1891 Father Kuhler arrived at St. Mary's in Greenock and also spent time at St. Ninian's in Gourock as well as St. Augustine's in Coatbridge

Father Martin Jansen - Also served at Saint Augustine's in Coatbridge in 1889

Father Peter Terken - 1879-1914 A Dutch priest, served at Saint Bridget in Baillieston

Father Gilbert Hartmann - 1879-1893 Assistant Priest at St. Bridget's

Father Octavius F Claeys - Assistant Priest at Holy Cross in Croy from 1903 to 1906

Father Peter Hilgers - Father Hilgers was the much loved Parish Priest at St. Ninian's Gourock from 1897 to 1912. He was born 20th Feb 1876 in Geilenkirchen in the Rhinelands and died at St. John's in Barrhead 22 May 1926. Father Hilgers was a German recruited with several others, by Archbishop Eyre for the Scottish Mission.

God Bless them all, Saint Boniface pray for us

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